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OEM capabilities offer the industry superior solutions
to high profile problems.
These solutions are developed as a team with our clients.

Working with our clients as a team allows OEM to build from the diverse knowledge of many technological experts to provide the best solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements.

These solutions include:

Seal Design

Material Choices

Mold Design

Molds and Fixture Manufacturing

Custom Rubber Molding

Precision Machine Shop
Composite Design and Manufacturing

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Engineered Plastic Designs
Multiple Spindle Filament Winding

OEM capabilities not only provide aid to their clients with design services, it also renders these designs to practice with parts or complete assemblies for most service companies in the drilling and well completions business. These designs range from simple seals and product components for standard HPHT (high-pressure high temperatures). We also provide low-temperature sealing (including cryogenic) for entire assemblies for the most hostile environments the oilfield service industry has to work within.

Quality Management System

OEM Components provides a documented and fully implemented quality management system which is continually improved for effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standards.


Download this PDF to view OEM’s Certificate of Registration.

Composite Manufacturing

OEM Components builds composite frac plugs utilizing high-temperature, high- strength composite materials.


OEM Components goal is to provide a high-performance and cost competitive product.

Composite Winding

Our multi-spindle full CNC controlled filament winder produces repeatable parts from batch-to-batch necessary for consistency.

OEM has an HVAC controlled manufacturing environment which ensures
regulated temperatures and humidity.

Our multi-spindle curing oven has been certified through third party temperature survey for day-to-day consistency.

We also have a resin dispensing system that delivers the epoxy at the precise working temperatures and the mixed ratios are monitored through flow meters.


Frac Plug Guide Shoes


Composite Slip Cone

We manufacture filament wound and molded cones.

Anti Extrusion Ring

Used for rubber sealing systems. Custom made in all sizes.


Composite Frac Mandrels

Proven to work in 350˚F in 11,000 psi environments. Mill out times of ten minutes or less.

OEM can design and build to your requirements and specific needs. 

Various Composite Frac Mandrels


This video shows winding a Frac Plug in action.

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