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Vision and OEM sealing expertise are the ingredients to a new
world of opportunity and success for your business.

Put OEM’s depth of knowledge in sealing technology to work for you on your most challenging requirement. We have the engineering and field experience to design 
custom solutions for
your unique needs.

• Turnkey Manufacturing Capabilities
 Superior Sealing Technology

• Broad Range of Sealing Systems

• Technical Support and Custom

• Engineered Solutions
 Continuous Improvement Quality

• Assurance Philosophy

• ISO 9001 Certification

• Competitive Pricing

• On-time Delivery

The OEM Advantage

Extreme Sealing Technology

ExtremSealing Technology

Discover OEM’s high performance sealing technology.

With patented versatile flexible wire mesh, Dual-Pac seals, M-Pac Seals, ATM stacks, and other sealing systems, the benefits realized include sealing under high pressure and multiple reversal without sealing failure. Additionally, wire mesh reinforced seals bring unique reinforcing and sealing characteristics to the product creating breakthrough solutions. Best of all, the customer receives this leading edge performance without increasing cost.

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